The Chupinazo is the event which officially opens the Fiestas of San Fermín. Along with the Running of the Bulls, this is probably the best-known and most impressive event of the Fiestas.

The small square in front of Pamplona City Hall becomes jam-packed with people from all over, locals and visitors, as the minutes draw closer to midday on the 6th of July. At exactly 12.00 midday, a rocket is set off from the main balcony of City Hall to announce the start of the fiestas and the nine-day party begins with a loud boom.

Due to the huge crowds which gather for the opening Chupinazo event, the only way to really enjoy the spectacle in safety and comfort is from one of the many balconies which surround the small square in front of City Hall.

San Fermin by Locals disposes of the use of many of the balconies in the square and with unbeatable views of the wild party scene. Here you can enjoy the opening of the fiestas from the front line and with all the comforts at your disposal.

The VIP Chupinazo Program:
• Balcony views in the City Hall square
• Local guide available in Spanish, English and French
• Some typical drinks and a chance to toast the event with cava or champagne

The VIP Chupinazo Program lasts from 10.00 a.m. to13.00 p.m. approximately.

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