The Running of the Bulls is a thrilling experience that has to be experienced close-up. That’s why, here at San Fermin by Locals, we have selected some of the best balconies for watching the Running of the Bulls for privileged visits.

Each morning, between the 7th and the 14th of July, Pamplona and the thousands of visitors who come to watch, vibrate and thrill to the Sanfermin Running of the Bulls.  We offer Balconies for renting at distinctive points all along the route of the Running of the Bulls, (Santo Domingo, Ayuntamiento, Mercaderes, Corner of Mercaderes/Estafeta, Estafeta, at the middle of Estafeta and also at the end of Estafeta  Street), accompanied by a guide who will explain what the bullrunning is all about and fill you in on all the details of what’s going on.

Would you like to enjoy the thrill of watching the San Fermín 2016 Running of the Bulls?