PREMIUM Balcony: Bull Run Balcony + Buffet Breakfast + Guided Tour

Enjoy the Bullrun from a VIP balcony and an unforgettable morning.
Once the reservation made, send me a note with the VIP Balcony you prefer.

Balcony Standard Estafeta street Pamplona Running of the Bulls San Fermin 2018

Balconies situated on at 3th floor flats (Sto. Domingo, Estafeta middle and End of Estafeta). The final distribution on the balconies will be done by us, as disponibility and askings.

Balcony VIP Pamplona Running of the Bulls San Fermin 2018

Bull&Breakfast. Enjoy the Bullrun from a VIP balcony on the best and dangerous places in the race.

Balcony VIP Open Ceremony Sanfermin 2018

Surely the best balcony to watch the Open Ceremony with the rocket launch (The Txupinazo). You can be exclusive witness of the Fiesta from a safe and privileged position.

Balcony Bullruns 2018 Dead Man´s Corner

Secondt-floor apartment balcony to watch the bulls pass along the Dead Man´s Corner. and reach the famous bend where they cause most panic.

VIP Balcony in the middle of Estafeta (2nd floor)

Watch the longest stretch of the race, where the most attractive and spectacular runs take place, all from a privileged second-floor location on the mythical Calle Estafeta.

VIP Breakfast + Encierro Tour

VIP breakfast in an exclusive Hotel, entry to which is by invitation only and reserved for all-night revelers and early-birds belonging to Pamplona’s high society. Afterwards (9.30 am), Encierro Tour (Bullrun Tour), 2-hour tour of the city’s historical center.


Guided walking tour of Pamplona’s historical center. Lose yourself in the mornings of the fiesta, find out all about the Bullrun and share info and experiences with the rest of the group.

Night of tapas and fireworks

Enjoy the wonderful San Fermin firework display from a privileged spot on the terrace of the Baluarte Convention Center.